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Campsites in Norway

Campsites in Norway: a versatile country with beautiful unspoilt nature

The campsites in Norway offer all the ingredients for a fantastic holiday in nature. In addition to the impressive fjords, beautiful lakes and unspoilt greenery, there are interesting cities with a rich history. For an active holiday it is possible to canoe, raft or cycle through the rich green landscape. In winter, Norway is also very popular with skiers and cross-country skiers. Read more


Impressive fjords on the coast

The Norwegian country is probably best known for its giant fjords on the coast. These mountainous coasts with steep slopes and deep incisions attract many tourists to the north every year. Because of the depth of the fjords, ships can get very close. This makes it possible to admire the special landscape up close. For example, take a boat trip along the huge Geirangerfjord. This fjord, which is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List, has steep rock walls as high as 800 meters. Moreover, the water here reaches up to 260 meters deep. A very special experience to experience up close.

City trip to Oslo

In addition to the beautiful fjords and unspoilt nature, a number of campsites in Norway are close to a number of beautiful cities with a rich history and interesting culture. The capital Oslo is an excellent example of this. From the airport it is only 20 minutes with the Flytoget Airport Express Train to the heart of the city. During a visit to the city, the magnificent cathedral with stained glass windows and the Viking ship museum with its authentic Viking boats are a must. Smalhans is a must for a tasty meal. Fresh regional dishes are served here daily. The big advantage of this city is that everything is built very compactly. This makes all sights easily accessible on foot.

Both in the summer and in the winter

It is possible to experience a fantastic summer and winter holiday in this beautiful country. In the summer, the Norwegian country is enormously green, which makes it an excellent base for many walking and cycling trips. In the winter, the country transforms into a true winter paradise, where the best conditions for skiers and cross-country skiers are created for six months. Hemsedal, Geilo, Trysil, Voss and Skeikampen are ideal for winter sports. Here it is also possible to make a fantastic snowmobile trip or husky safari. Moreover, in the winter the mysterious northern lights can be seen in the country. For example, travel to Tromsø to see this special phenomenon.

On vacation with the whole family

Norway is ideal for holidays with the whole family. Despite the large distances that have to be covered in the country, there are all kinds of attractions with which the children can have a great time. There are, for example, various water and amusement parks. It is also possible to undertake all kinds of sporting activities. For example, visit a waterfall, climb a glacier or go on an exciting canoe trip over the beautiful lakes in the area. Along the way there is enough time to stop and enjoy the beautiful unspoilt nature.

Camping in Norway: 5 reasons why this is on the bucket list of many people:

• beautiful nature

• peace and space

• breathtaking views

• endless walking possibilities

• well-maintained campsites