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Campsites in Finnmark

Visit different highlights of Norway from one of the campsites in Finnmark

The most northern region of Norway is Finnmark. The region is also called Norwegian Lapland and offers numerous highlights that are on the bucket list of every adventurer. Think of seeing the Northern Lights, discovering the Sami culture and visiting the North Cape. These activities can be easily done from one of the campsites in Finnmark. For young and old there is more than enough to experience in this beautiful region in Norway. Read more


Face to face with more than 60.000 reindeer

What many people don't know is that Finnmark, or Lapland, was inhabited by a population group called the Sami. The traditions are honored during a meeting with this nomadic people. For example, visit the village of Karasjok, where 3.000 people live and more than 60.000 reindeer can be spotted. You can taste the local cuisine here and every traveler meets the friendly and local population. In the Sami museum you can see various exhibitions about the traditional artworks, clothing and the tools that were used.

It never gets dark in the summer

Finnmark has a peculiar climate. In addition to the region's incredible natural beauty, nature is covered with a lot of snow in the winter. During the summer it never gets dark and in winter the region is perfect for spotting the Northern Lights. During a visit to the North Cape, your have great view from a plateau of 307 meters over the beautiful Arctic Ocean. Many people call this the end of the world, but luckily there are also restaurants and shops. Because the sun does not set during the summer, it is wise to visit the North Cape during the summer.

Organize various winter activities in Alta

For those who like being among people, Finnmark also offers more than enough choice. A visit to the largest city in the region, called Alta, is in that case a very wise choice and indispensable within your travel schedule. From one of the campsites in Finnmark you can go on a snowmobile ride and ride a horse through a thick layer of snow. In the summer the region is perfect for a nice walk, an adventurous camping holiday or a relaxing cycling holiday. In the region you can see various rock paintings dating from the Stone Age or visit a trendy ice hotel.

A beautiful church and a bustling city center in Hammerfest

In addition in visiting the city of Alta, the city of Hammerfest is also worth a visit. This is an old city, but many old buildings have unfortunately disappeared over time. What is immediately noticeable is the beautiful church with geometric shapes. You can view various exhibitions in the museum, for example about the history of the city and about polar expeditions.