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Campsites in Telemark

Discover the beautiful coastline and impressive mountains of Rjukan on a tour of Telemark

Telemark is a province located in the south of Norway. The region offers numerous attractions and activities for the true adventurer and for every age. Discover the beautiful coastline, the impressive mountains of Rjukan and experience an unforgettable journey through this breathtaking landscape. The destination is ideal for both a long weekend away and a holiday for a number of weeks, and the region is easily accessible in both winter and summer. Walking, cycling and skiing, it's all possible in Telemark. Read more


Organize a wide range of activities from one of the campsites in Telemark

There are several campsites in Telemark, making various activities easy to undertake and the activities are also suitable for the whole family. With an ideal mix of attractions, the stunning nature, the rich history, the beautiful culture and the entertainment, Telemark is the place to enjoy during a weekend away or a summer or winter holiday. In the winter Telemark offers no fewer than eight different areas for skiing, of which Geilo is one of the best known. This makes Telemark the largest ski area in all of Norway.

Take a bike ride along the Telemark coast or head out in the kayak

Telemark is an ideal province for taking various short and long bike rides along the coast or discover the Telemark canal by bike. Nature and fun activities can therefore be ideally combined here. For those who prefer to book excursions on the water, they can opt for an unforgettable kayak trip in the region. Discover the beautiful mountains, vast lakes and the smaller rivers.

Visit the nearby islands with one of the ferries

You can visit the nearby islands with one of the ferries. Think of the island of Jomfruland, which lies in front of the coast at Kragero and is especially fascinating by the impressive landscape. Discover the area by horse, bicycle or opt for a relaxing walk. On the island you can spot lots of birds and see the beautiful flora and after a day full of impressions the day ends with a drink on the terrace of the cafe. In addition, several excursions can be undertaken on the water, such as deep sea fishing and fishing in lakes.

Discover the rich history in the museums, not far from the campsites in Telemark

If the weather forecast is not so good to go on the water or to undertake any other outdoor activity, then a visit to one of the museums is certainly a good alternative. Here you can see the rich history of the Telemark province and a clear picture is given of how the culture has grown over the centuries and how this culture is preserved.