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Roros Kirke
Roros Christmas
Roros old wooden houses

The old mining town Roros (UNESCO)

Highest town in Norway, old wooden buildings and miner's history >>> Roros!

The town of Roros is a popular attraction in Norway. This is partly due to its "miner's history". Copper ore was found in Roros around 1600 - 1700 and the town grew into one of the most important mining towns in the country. In the museum of Roros (Rorosmuseet) you can see various old miner's tools and you can also see how the copper was melted.

UNESCO world cultural heritage list

But in addition, the popularity is also due to the beautiful old wooden buildings such as the Rammgard and the beautiful stone church Berstadens Ziir, making it even included on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Highest situated town in Norway

The old protected city center and the many nice shops of Roros are the best to visit in the summer, but also at Christmas it is a (especially for Norwegians) popular destination. In winter it can get quite cold, because Roros is located at an altitude of 628 meters and is therefore the highest situated town in Norway. And that means that it can get quite cold in the winter. Temperatures of -30 are not strange.

Roros accessibility

Roros is around 150km. away from Trondheim and a about 400km. from Oslo near the Swedish border in the east of Norway. Roros is easy to reach by car, but there is also a train station in Roros and it has a small airport.

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