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Campsites in Buskerud

Buskerud: a versatile region to the west of Oslo

Buskerud offers all the ingredients for a fantastic camping holiday. The region to the west of Oslo has an impressive nature with huge mountain tops and numerous valleys such as Numedal, Hallingdal and Ustedal. You can also find beautiful lakes at Tyrifjorden, Sperilen and Krøderen. At the campsites in Buskerud, direct contact with nature is central. Moreover, the area is very popular with winter sports enthusiasts in view of the excellent snow conditions. Read more

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Buskerud

    Birkelund Camping

    This cozy campsite with friendly owners is situated in a beautiful location in the Gol - Geilo - Aurland triangle. Neat little campsite. Small swimming pool for children.

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Buskerud

    PlusCamp Gol Campingsenter

    Large campsite with many facilities located on a river within walking / cycling distance of the pleasant center of Gol. Great sanitary. Good restaurant.

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Buskerud

    Oen Turistsenter Geilo

    Campsite with many accommodations within walking distance of the center of Geilo. Open all year round, so also a good option for winter sports. Free WIFI.

  • Campsites in Buskerud

    Utvika Camping Krokkleiva

    Very beautifully situated campsite directly on the Tyrifjord. Renewed sanitary. Good place to spend the night to visit the beautiful city of Oslo (40km. away). Also cabins and rooms for rent.

  • Campsites in Buskerud

    Holman Camping Rollag

    Nice campsite on the river Numedalslågen. Renovated sanitary facilities. Camping pitches directly along the river. You can swim and fish in the river where you find also a small sandy beach.

  • Campsites in Buskerud

    Kroderen Camping

    Well-kept campsite, beautifully situated on the Krøderen lake. The campsite is located about 1.5 hours from Oslo. Beautiful sandy beach. Lots of facilities. Camping pitches directly on the lake.


Hardangervidda, the largest national park in Norway

Hardangervidda is located in the northwest of the region. The highland plateau has an area of around 3422 km2 and is therefore the largest plateau in Northern Europe. The park offers a wide variety of plant species and has thousands of lakes. The park is also an important home base for giant wild reindeer herds and various bird species that are relatively rare in southern Norway. This makes this place the ideal destination for hiking, cross-country skiing, climbing or fishing. During a stay at one of the campsites in Buskerud, a visit to this national park is therefore a must.

Skiing in Buskerud

The Buskerud region is very popular with winter sports enthusiasts. Because of the high location, the snow conditions are very good, from December to April. The region therefore has the largest number of ski resorts in Norway. The most famous ski resorts are in Hemsedal and Geilo. Here are also the massifs of Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. In the winter, the Norwegians flock to these winter sports spots in large numbers to go skiing. Other well-known ski areas are Gol, Uvdal, Ål and Dagali. So don't forget to bring the long slats for a lot of skiing pleasure.

Water fun at Drammen

In the southern part of Buskerud it is pleasant to spend the summer at Drammen. This place is located on the banks of the Drammenselva and has grown enormously in recent decades. Nowadays the place is one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. Stroll along the beautiful shopping streets of the city or relax by the river. Moreover, there is a fantastic Drammensbadet (the pool of Drammen) for hours of water fun.

Discover the history of the Norwegian mining industry

The entire history of the Norwegian mining industry is exhibited in the Norsk Bergverks Museum, or the Norwegian Mining Museum. The museum itself is already very interesting, but the absolute highlight is a visit to one of the centuries-old silver mines. For those who are claustrophobic, it is a true test, since the tour goes quite far into the mine. It is a fantastic experience for the real daredevils.

An active holiday in Buskerud

The Norwegian area around the campsites in Buskerud is ideal for various sporting activities. In addition to winter sports in winter, the mountain regions in spring, summer and fall are ideal for taking walks, fishing in rivers and lakes and practicing extreme sports. The various rivers in the area offer ideal conditions for kayaking and boat trips. It is also possible to climb a mountain with a qualified guide. In short, Buskerud offers something for everyone.