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Trondheim: the largest village in Norway

Beautiful old wooden colored warehouses, the fantastic Nidaros Cathedral and a cozy center, go visit Trondheim!

With nearly 200.000 inhabitants, Trondheim is the 3rd largest city in Norway after Oslo and Bergen. And yet it doesn't feel like a big city. The city is spacious and with a lot of greenery, the many parks and water features you do not have the idea that you are in a big city. This is reinforced by the atmosphere created by the approximately 30.000 students. By the way: Trondheim used to be the capital of Norway and was then called Nidaros.

Visit Trondheim

The beautiful old wooden - beautifully colored - warehouses along the Nidelva River are a popular photo object in Trondheim. You can take that photo from the well-loved Gamle Bybro, the old wooden city bridge. If you are in Trondheim, you should definitely take a look at the Trampe Cyclocable in the Bakklandet district. You put your right foot in a kind of guidance system that leads you on your bike to the top of the steep hill. If you fancy a terrace or something to eat in a nice restaurant, then the Nedre Elvehavn district is recommended.

Nidaros Cathedral

The biggest attraction in Trondheim is the huge Nidaros Cathedral (with room for 1.800 churchgoers), the northernmost Gothic cathedral in the world. Construction lasted no less than 230 years and was completed in 1300. Guided tours are possible in the summer. Tip: book this before arrival or immediately upon arrival in Trondheim, so that you can first explore the city and then visit the Cathedral. Don’t forget to take the 172 !! steps to the top, because the view from the Nidaros Cathedral over Trondheim is unforgettable.

Fort Kristiansten, Stiftsgarden and Munkholmen.

Fort Kristiansten is one of Trondheim's most popular attractions and offers visitors not only a glimpse into Trondheim's history, but also spectacular views of the city. Do you want to know when Fort Kristiansten is open? Then see if the Norwegian flag flies. Can be seen from a large part of the city. The largest wooden palace in Scandinavia - Stiftsgarden - is located right in the center of Trondheim. Guided tours are possible in the summer. The former fortress and prison Munkholmen is located on an island in the Trondheimfjord and nowadays serves as a tourist attraction. Open from May - September.

“Border” between northern and southern Norway

Trondheim is not really in the middle of Norway, but Trondheim is still seen by many as the border between northern and southern Norway. It is 900km. to the southernmost point of Norway (Lindesnes), to the northernmost point of Norway (North Cape) it is approximately 1.600km. Maybe it's because Norway is at its narrowest north of Trondheim?

Accessibility and campsites near Trondheim

Trondheim can be easily reached by boat (including the Hurtigruten), bus and car and also has an airport, half an hour's drive east of Trondheim. The following campsites are located in the surroundings of Trondheim: