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Campsites in Nordland

Visit Nordland, a bucket list destination for many travelers

A small percentage of the Norwegian population lives in the province of Nordland and the province has a total of 44 municipalities. This part of Norway borders Sweden on the entire east side and on the sea on the entire west side and the province lies on the same latitude as the Arctic Circle. Culture and nature alternate and the province is a real bucket list destination for many travelers. Read more


Visit various impressive fjords in Nordland

There are several impressive fjords in Nordland. For example, Folda, Hadselfjord, Langfjord, Ofotfjord and Tysfjord. Every fjord offers a breathtaking view and the fjords cannot be missed during a visit to this impressive part of Norway. The fjords are easy to visit from one of the campsites in Nordland and are very popular for the challenging hikes and peaceful walks.

Bring a visit to the 2nd largest glacier in Norway from the campsites in Nordland

One of the largest glaciers in Norway can be visited in Nordland. No less than 1.701 km2 of the province is continuously covered with a thick layer of ice and snow and this makes the area very photogenic.

Discover the longest and most extensive coastline of the entire country. Norway is literally on its narrowest here. During a visit to Hellemobotn (Tysfjord), the distance between the Swedish border and the end of the fjord is only 6.3km!

Relax in one of the many breathtaking and beautiful nature parks

From one of the campsites in Nordland you can visit one of the beautiful nature parks. In Nordland you will find more then 200! For example, visit the National Tourist Route Helgeland. This really beautiful route is also called the Kystriksveien. There are also various National Parks, including the Børgefjell National Park, the Junkerdal National Park and the Møysalen National Park. The areas are perfect for a beautiful walk and are all extremely accessible.

Take the practical main road by car during a tour through Nordland

During a trip through Nordland, many people opt for the main road, called the E6. And that is of course not for nothing. The road runs from Trondheim to Narvik, is 900 kilometers long and can in principle be driven in two days. But please take more than enough space to visit different sights to the west or east of the road. In addition to this popular main road, a road trip can also be made via the highway 17 (Kystriksveien). This road winds along impressive fjords and beautiful rocky coasts. The route is regularly interrupted by no fewer than six car ferries. All in all, both routes are a nice addition to an adventurous and unforgettable tour through Norway.

Visit the Polar Circle Center

One of the best highlights during a visit to Nordland is a visit to the Polar Circle Center. This place is immediately recognizable by the globe with a special building. This place of interest was opened in 1990 and an exhibition is shown with information about the area.