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Campsites in Ostfold

View various historical attractions from one of the campsites in Ostfold

Ostfold is a region in Norway where many historic sights can be viewed. Consider the rock drawings that can be found around the city of Sarpsborg. These rock drawings go back thousands of years, until just after the last ice age. The city of Sarpsborg is located at one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe, called Sarpefossen. This region is certainly suitable for both nature lovers and culture lovers. Read more

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Ostfold

    Olberg Camping

    Cozy campsite with friendly owners located in the Ostfold countryside. A beloved place for many campers for years. Nice playground. Moose Safari !

  • Campsites in Ostfold

    Stora Lee Camping

    This large campsite is located on a beautiful location on the border of Norway and Sweden, right on the lake. Many facilities. Beautiful camping pitches directly on the water.

  • Campsites in Ostfold

    Hoysand Camping Skjeberg

    Campsite in a very beautiful location right on the Skjebergkilen fjord. Near the E6 and Swedish border. Good water sports. Nice beach within walking distance. Many cabins.


Visit the beautiful and large fortress of the Fredriksten Festning

The city of Fredrikstad can be visited in Ostfold. This is the largest city, where the rich history can be seen immediately. About a half hour drive and close to the Swedish border, you can find the beautiful and large fortress of the Fredriksten Festning. This is one of the most important and tourist attraction in the region. Every year more than 200.000 people visit this impressive fortress. The fort offers great views over the city of Halden and it was built at the request of a Danish king.

Relax in the unspoilt and large areas with forests

The Ostfold region is also ideal for nature lovers. In that case, visit Inner Ostfold, an area known for its untouched and large areas with forests. Bicycle tours, camping holidays and hiking tours are extremely suitable in this region. Relax by one of the beautiful lakes and enjoy a breathtaking view of the largest river, the Glomma. Catch a fish, go out by canoe or visit the largest fort: Høytorp in Mysen. Whether it is a short vacation or a long vacation, this area is interesting to visit for any kind of trip.

A great destination for the next summer vacation

This region in Norway is perfect for a nice holiday in the summer. There are various activities that can be undertaken from one of the campsites in Ostfold. Visit for example the beaches around Moss, meet the nice locals in the many small coastal villages such as Sponvika and discover the hundreds of islands and beautiful reefs at Hvaler's island paradise, which are connected to the mainland via tunnels and bridges. Take a dip in the water, explore the area and discover Norway's delicious cuisine. In other words, all the ingredients for a holiday you will never forget!

100% guarantee on spotting moose during a moose safari

Whoever thinks about a safari, soon thinks about the wild life in South Africa. However, a safari can also be undertaken from the Olberg campsite in Trogstad, only one will then look for moose. However, this is not that difficult, every traveler knows 100% sure that there are moose spots. Stand face to face with these impressive animals and easily combine the safari with the many other activities in the region.

Explore the area from the campsites in Ostfold

There are various campsites in the Ostfold region, which makes the region an excellent holiday destination for the adventurous traveler. Cross the country or combine a visit to this region with a visit to Oslo. The region is also called the gateway for the many travelers who pass by this part of Norway. Ideal to start or end a journey.