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Campsites in Oslo & Akershus

Campsites in Oslo & Akershus

Campsites in Oslo & Akershus: a variety of art, culture and history in the Norwegian capital

These beautiful campsites are located in the provinces of Oslo and Akershus, close to Oslo, the capital of Norway. With approximately 750,000 inhabitants (2021), this is also the largest city in Norway. In addition to a variety of art, culture and history, the capital and its surrounding county in the south-east of Norway also houses beautiful green hills and mountains. Read more


The stately Akershus Slott

A day trip to the Akershus Slott is recommended from the campsites in Oslo & Akershus. The thirteenth-century castle is located in Oslo Harbor, near Aker Brygge. First the Akershus Slott was used as a medieval castle and as a royal home. In later times, from 1592, the building became a fortress, fully equipped with cannons. This was to ensure that intruders were kept out. Between 1637 and 1648 the Akershus Slott was converted into a Renaissance castle. The building is currently a museum. Here you will find the most beautiful rooms, the royal mausoleum, a church and old building models of the castle.

Slottet, the Royal Palace of Oslo

At the end of the Karl Johans gate in Oslo, near the university building, lies the beautiful Slottet. The Royal Palace is one of the most important buildings in Norway and forms a concrete symbol of the course of Norwegian history since 1814. The Slottet was built in the first half of the nineteenth century as the Norwegian residence for the Swedish-Norwegian king Karl III (Karl XIV Johan of Sweden). It currently serves as the home of the current King of Norway. The Royal Palace was designed by the Danish architect Hans Ditlev Franciscus Linstow. The massive building is located on a hill named Bellevue. The palace is also in the neoclassical style and is remarkably smooth on the outside. In the summer there are various tours of the most beautiful rooms in the Royal Palace, such as the council chamber, mirror room, Family Dining Room, Small Ceremonial Hall, Large Hall, Castle Chapel and the Bird Room.

Discover the history of the Vikings in the Viking Ship Museum

The Vikings play an important role in Scandinavian history. That is why there are several museums with remnants of the Nordic people in Oslo. The Viking Ship Museum is perhaps the best known of these. The museum is part of the University of Oslo, and includes the Gokstadship and Osebergship. These Viking ships were found in burial mounds in various places in Norway and date from the ninth century. In addition, various objects were exhibited that were found at the old Viking cemeteries. Visit the museum and experience the history of this proud people of the north.

Enjoy shopping at the Karl Johans gate

Oslo's main street is Karl Johans gate. This street, named after King Karl Johan, connects the train station with the Royal Palace. During a walk on this street you will pass the Norwegian parliament (Stortinget) and the ancient Domkirke. The eastern part of the street was part of the original city, which was designed by King Christian IV. The western part was only created after the construction of the Royal Palace. After the Norwegian parliament building was built, the street became one and named after the King. The street is the important shopping street of Oslo. You will find all international retail chains here, but also cozy authentic Norwegian boutiques.