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Campsites in More og Romsdal

Campsites in More og Romsdal

Campsites in More og Romsdal: beautiful fjords and charming coastal towns

More og Romsdal is a province located in western Norway where only 5.4% of the Norwegian population is located. The beautiful region is known for its various inhabited islands and beautiful fjords. Moreover, there are three major cities in the region that are recommended to visit from the campsites in More og Romsdal: Ålesund, Molde and Kristiansund. Read more


Geirangerfjord, one of the most famous fjords in Norway

The campsites in More og Romsdal are located near one of Norway's most famous fjords: the Geirangerfjord. The impressive fjord has huge mountain tops with snow, clear deep blue water and lots of greenery in the area. The fjord is therefore protected by UNESCO. You can also admire "the seven sisters" from this location. This waterfall has seven separate streams with a free fall of 250 meters! The Geirangerfjord can be visited in various ways: by boat, on foot or even with a kayak.

Experience the Trollstigen mountain road

Since the opening of the Trollstigen road in 1936, the place has been a magnet for tourists. The 106-kilometer-long road passes through western Norway. Nature is at its best here, with a panoramic view of the ridges, deep fjords, rolling valleys and waterfalls. The mountain road has no less than eleven hairpin bends and has a slope of 9%. Moreover, the road is surrounded by various high mountains, each of which has received a stately name. There is the Bishop, the Dronningen (the Queen) and the Kongen (the King).

Ålesund, the largest city in More og Romsdal

The beautiful Ålesund is the largest city in the region and is built on only islands. in 1904 the city was hit by a devastating fire. Thanks to the German Emperor Wilhelm II, the center has been beautifully rebuilt. As a thank you for the help, the residents of Ålesund named one of the most important streets after him: the Keizer Wilhelms Gate. Today, the city is best known for its beautiful architecture. Around 400 buildings in the typical Art Nouveau style can be found in the center. Ålesund also houses Norway's most important fishing port. The fleet is among the most innovative in Europe.

Cruise along the beautiful islands in the More og Romsdal region

Characteristic of the province More og Romsdal are the various islands that are hidden in the water. The special thing about these islands is that most of them are inhabited. It is therefore possible to visit the islands by boat. For example, travel between Ålesund and Molde to the islands of Harøy, Ona, Sandøya, Orta, Haramsøua or Gossa. It is also an option to take an exciting four-hour boat trip from Ålesund to the fishing island of Ona. This island is located far off the coast, in the open sea. There is a permanent population of 50 inhabitants with their own café, shop and two pottery workshops. Moreover, on the highest point of the island, on the rock Onakalven, is a bright red painted lighthouse from 1867. The islands are all very accessible by bike. The roads are close to the sea and are relatively quiet. Moreover, a bicycle is easy to take on the ferry. In this way you intensively enjoy the beautiful Norwegian nature that More og Romsdal has to offer.