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Campsites in Vestfold

Discover the beautiful Norwegian coastline from one of the campsites in Vestfold

Culture and nature come together in the Vestfold region. This coastal province has an extensive and cultural history. Consider the county at the Oslofjord. This county has played a very important central role in the origin of Norwegian history. It was an important center for shipbuilding, for maritime activities and for the Vikings. These influences are clearly visible and the coastline can be easily explored from one of the campsites in Vestfold. Read more

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Vestfold

    Granholmen Camping Sandefjord

    Well-maintained campsite located on a small island near Sandefjord. The campsite is located near the ports of Sandefjord and Larvik. Campsite with a sandy beach and water sports facilities.

  • Campsites in Vestfold

    Guslandstranda Camping

    Wonderfully quiet campsite by the fjord with well-kept sanitary facilities and a small beach. Lots of space at the campsite. Good cycling and walking opportunities in the area.

  • Campsites in Vestfold

    Homannsberget Camping Svelvik

    Beautifully situated campsite directly on the Drammensfjord, about 20km. south of Drammen. Within walking distance of the nice village of Svelvik. Beach at the campsite. Excellent fishing possibilities.

  • Campsites in Vestfold

    Rorestrand Camping Horten

    Campsite with many amenities within walking distance of the center of Horten. Including a cozy beach bar, playground, free WIFI and good sanitary facilities.

  • Campsites in Vestfold

    Furustrand Camping Tonsberg

    Beautifully situated campsite right on the beach at the Oslofjord. The campsite is within walking distance of Tolvsrod and near the historic town of Tonsberg. Well-maintained campsite.

  • Campsites in Vestfold

    Verdens Ende Camping

    Well-maintained campsite within walking distance of Verdens Ende - “the world’s End” - one of the most beautiful scenic spots in the Vestfold region. Several cabins for rent.

  • Campsites in Vestfold

    Omlidstranda Camping

    Really beautifully situated campsite with several sandy beaches and many facilities. Near the port of Larvik. Nice area for walking and cycling. Beautiful sunset!

  • Campsites in Vestfold

    Gon Camping Larvik

    Beautifully situated campsite on the outskirts of Larvik. Ideal stay when crossing ferry Hirtshals – Larvik. Child-friendly sandy beach. Room and cabins for rent. Lovely view of Larvik Fjord.


Visit charming towns in a relatively short distance

When you think of Norway, you soon think of large mountainous areas and long travel distances. However, this is not the case with the Vestfold coastline. A lot can be visited in this region in a relatively short distance. Visit many charming places such as Stavern and Larvik. Larvik is the birthplace of Thor Heyerdahl and Stavern is very popular because of the exciting and varied archipelago. Both places bring a great maritime history.

Culture lovers can indulge themselves in Vestfold

For those who value culture, they will undoubtedly have a great time while traveling through Vestfold. The region is known for a diverse and beautiful cultural scene. Shows, festivals, art and museums alternate. For example, visit the Slottsfjell Museum in Tonsberg or the Norwegian National Museum of Photography in Horten. Souvenirs, designer clothes, antiques and other nice gadgets can be found in the numerous small shops.

Take various hiking and cycling routes in the region

There are also various walking and cycling routes from the campsites in Vestfold. Discover the coastline through the signposted paths, climb over slippery rocks on the edge of the sea and completely unwind with the view of the characteristic Vestfold archipelago. One of the highlights during a visit to Norway is to visit the Færder National Park. This park is one of the most important areas in Norway when it comes to outdoor recreation on the coast. Also combine this national park with a visit to World's End in Tjome and enjoy a breathtaking view.

The power center in the Scandinavian Viking age

Many people do not know that Vestfold was a center of power in the Scandinavian Viking age. Once a journey through the region is made, this former power center is immediately visible. Discover traces of the proud Viking history and visit several of the world's most important archaeological finds from the era. Examples are monumental royal burial mounds in Borre in Horten, the Oseberg burial mound, the Slottsfjellet in Tønsberg and the Gokstadhaugen burial mound in Sandefjord. Norway's first urban Viking settlement in Kaupang is located outside of Larvik. In other words, a varied and unforgettable journey can be made in this authentic part of Norway.