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The North Cape: Europe's northernmost tip

North Cape: Europe\'s northernmost tip?

Well ... let\'s tell it right away. It is not really the northernmost tip of Europe. The nearby Knivskjellodden is about 1.5km. further north. Moreover, there is also an island group (Frans Josefsland) which also belonges to Europe and which lies no less than 600km. further north. But that does not make the North Cape any less popular. Meanwhile, around 225.000 people visit this impressive cliff with a height of no less than 307 meters.

North Cape visitor center

In the visitor center (Nordkapphallen) you will find a bar, restaurant and souvenir shop, but also a cinema where you can watch beautiful movies about the various seasons of the North Cape. In addition, various exhibitions are organized. At the Nordkapphallen you will also find the St.Johanneskapell which is very popular with wedding ceremonies. And of course you will find the Globe, the globe monument at the visitor center where everyone who visits the North Cape can be immortalized.

Knivskjellodden walk

From Knivskjellodden you have - in good weather - a beautiful view of the North Cape:

And because it is around 9km. from the North Cape, it is a popular walking route and you can even obtain a diploma at the Tourist Office in Honningsvag. In the immediate vicinity you will also find various gannets and puffins, so take a good look around during the walk.

Location on the island of Mageroya

Earlier days you had to take the ferry to the North Cape (often with long waiting times), nowadays the island of Mageroya - where the North Cape is located - can be reached via a tunnel. In the summer it is therefore no problem to reach the cliff, but if you want to cross the island of Mageroya in the winter, you must be well prepared. You will have probably some delay because the road to it is only "thrown open" with sufficient traffic. You then drive to the North Cape in a queue.

Stay overnight at campsites around the North Cape: