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The Seven Sisters
The island Lofund close to Sandnessjoen and Nesna
The Svartisen Glacier

Kystriksveien: one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world

Is THE most beautiful Norwegian coastal road - the Kystriksveien - also on your bucket list?

The Kystriksveien - also known as Nasjonal Turistveg Helgeland or Fv17 - is one of the most beautiful coastal routes in the world and is no less than 650km. long. The route runs from Steinkjer (approx. 120km. North of Trondheim) along the coast of the Trondelag and Nordland regions to Bodo. A beautiful route along various attractions and with breathtaking views. Along the way you pass several islands and in total you have to travel 6 times by ferry.

The advice is to set aside at least 5 days for this beautiful route. Check the weather forecasts (tip: www.pent.no) before you enter the Kystriksveien, because the route is so much nicer in good weather:

We recommend driving the route from south to north (among other things because you do not constantly look into the sun). In Bodo you can then take the ferry to the Lofoten and, for example, drive back towards Trondheim via the E6. More info at: www.kystriksveien.no.

Torghatten, The Seven Sisters, the Svartisen glacier and the Saltstraumen.

The beautiful nature and the wonderful views along the Kystriksveien are already an attraction in itself, but in addition you will find the Torghatten (“the mountain with the hole”) at Bronnoysund, The Seven Sisters (a group of mountains with peaks around 1.000 meters) at Sandnessjoen, the Svartisen near Halsa (the second largest glacier in Norway) and the Saltstraumen just south of Bodo. The Saltstraumen is the largest and most powerful tidal / grinding current in the world. Every 6 hours no less than 400 million m3 of seawater passes through a narrow strait here. Very spectacular!

6 ferries

If you start the route from the south, pay a visit to Kystriksveien Reiseliv. You will find this along the E6 in Steinkjer (address: Sjøfartsgata 2A). A free information booklet is available here. When the office is closed, you will find a cupboard on the outside of the building where the booklets are stored.

In the booklet you will also find various accommodation options and places to eat on the route, but if you would like additional information, they will be happy to help you at Kystriksveien Reiseliv. More info at: www.kystriksveien.no.

Ferry discount card & Autopass tag

How nice it would be if you could get a discount on all these ferries and, for example, the ferrie to the Lofoten. Well .. you can! You then need an Autopass tag, which you can also use to pay the toll on Norwegian roads. In addition, you must enter into an Autopass agreement. Both requesting this tag and entering into the Autopass agreement can be done via this website: www.autopassferje.no

The discount is no less than 50%. There is only one drawback: you must deposit a minimum credit of NOK 3.000 in advance. The crossings are then settled with this credit. In the event of incomplete consumption, a refund is possible. As of August 1, 2022, the Norwegian government has decided to make a large number of crossings in Norway for free. At the moment, the 2 longest crossings (and many crossings to the islands) on the Kystriksveien are free and from August 16, 2023 you will no longer have to pay for the ferries Andalsvag - Horn and Agskardet - Foroy.

Campsites along the Kystriksveien (from south to north):