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Whalesafari Andenes Vesteralen:

Whalesafari Andenes Vesteralen

A Whale Watching ticket can be ordered at our Whale Center in Andenes (close to Andenes Lighthouse), but also at Andenes Camping. The campsite is on the left side of the road just before you reach Andenes. The Whale watching ticket gives you access to our new whale exhibition (opening: late June 2024) and the Whale Watching. After check-in or when you return from the whale watching trip, you can buy souvenirs in our Whale Shop or have something to drink or eat in our Moby Dick Café.

Whale Watching trip with the M/S Reine

MS Reine is a traditional large boat, a former sealship. We calculate approx. 1 hour by boat out to the whales. But of course the whales are always moving, and this also depends on the weather- and wind conditions. We are in the Arctic, so it is important to wear warm and dry clothes. Along the way, the guide keeps you up to date and informs you about which whales we can see.

Several whale species

We have many whale species outside off Andøya. The most known is the largest of the toothed whales: the sperm whale. In addition, we can also see killer whales, fin whales, pilot whales, humpback whales and more.



A ticket for an adult costs (2024) NOK 1.595. Students and children get a lower price. The price include access to the exhibition, whale watching with professional guides and hot beveridges.  For more information, check: www.whalesafari.no.

Camping in the surroundings of Andenes: