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  • Campsites in Aust Agder

    Campsites in Aust Agder

    You go on holiday to Norway, but still you want to have nice weather. Then a camping in Aust Agder is recommended. Because in general you have here the highest temperature in Norway. It's not for nothing that the coast of this region is called the Norwegian Riviera. With beautiful towns such as Grimstad, Arendal and Risor.

  • Campsites in Finnmark

    Campsites in Finnmark

    Finnmark may not know everyone, but if I tell you that the North Cape is in this region, you can guess that this region is located in the far north of Norway. This part of Lapland and the beautiful coastline are just too beautiful to drive through. Interesting places: Kirkenes, Honningsvag (near the North Cape), Alta and Hammerfest.

  • Campsites in Innlandet (Hedmark)

    Campsites in Innlandet (Hedmark)

    Are you looking for space, peace and natural beauty? Then the Innlandet (Hedmark) region is perfect for you. Huge forests, beautiful lakes, babbling brooks and swirling rivers. This is THE area for nature lovers and walkers. With nice places like Trysil (ski resort), Kongsvinger, Elverum and of course Hamar.

  • Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland North)

    Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland North)

    Due to the many campsites and attractions, we have divided the Innlandet (Oppland) region into Oppland North and Oppland South. The north hosts many national parks such as the Jotunheimen (with the 2 highest mountains in Norway: the Galdhoppigen and the Glittertind), Dovrefjell (musk oxen) and Rondane. Interesting places: Lom and Dombas.

  • Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland South)

    Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland South)

    Due to the many campsites and attractions, we have divided the Innlandet (Oppland) region into Oppland North and Oppland South. The south is characterized by popular places such as Lillehammer and Fagernes. Here is also the huge Mjosa lake. Near Lillehammer you will find Maihaugen (open-air museum) and Hunderfossen Familiepark.

  • Campsites in More og Romsdal

    Campsites in More og Romsdal

    Beautiful fjords and impressive mountains characterize this western region of Norway. With attractions such as the Geirangerfjord, the Trollstigen, the Atlanterhavsveien and beautiful cities such as Alesund, Molde, Kristiansund and Andalsnes. Tip: take the ferry from Hellesylt through the Geirangerfjord to Geiranger. An unforgettable experience!

  • Campsites in Nord Trondelag

    Campsites in Nord Trondelag

    Officially, Nord Trondelag no longer exists, but due to the many campsites in Nord and Sor Trondelag we are happy to split the Trondelag region. With interesting places like Namsos, Steinkjer, Stjordal and Levanger. Very interesting region for anglers. You will find here the salmon river Namsen. The beautiful Kystriksveien also starts here.

  • Campsites in Nordland

    Campsites in Nordland

    The Nordland region is characterized by its enormous coastline of no less than 4.250 km. And then we don't even count the coast of the islands. Attractions: Kystrikvseien (1 of the most beautiful coastal routes in the world), the Polar Circle Center, the Svartisen Glacier and the Torghatten, "the mountain with the hole". Nice places: Bodo, Bronnoysund, Fauske and Mosjoen.

  • Campsites in Nordland (North), Lofoten and Vesteralen

    Campsites in Nordland (North), Lofoten and Vesteralen

    The island groups Lofoten and Vesteralen are so beautiful, they really deserve a special mention on our site. Even though they officially fall under Nordland. Beautiful beaches and nice fishing villages such as Reine, Nusfjord and Henningsvaer on the Lofoten and of course Andenes (whale safari) on Vesteralen.

  • Campsites in Oslo & Akershus

    Campsites in Oslo & Akershus

    Those who visit Norway can hardly ignore the capital Oslo. Attractions: Akershus Slott, the Royal Palace of Oslo: Slottet, the Viking Ship Museum, the Stortinget (Norwegian Parliament) and the beautiful Domkirke. And shopping at Karl Johans Gate - Oslo's shopping street - is already an attraction in itself.

  • Campsites in Rogaland

    Campsites in Rogaland

    Rogaland is located in southwestern Norway with the biggest attraction: the Preikestolen. This cliff towers no less than 600 meters above the Lysefjord. But the cities of Stavanger (especially the old town center) and Haugesund are also definitely worth a visit. South of Stavanger you will find the Jaeren area with beautiful white beaches.

  • Campsites in Sor Trondelag

    Campsites in Sor Trondelag

    Because of the many campsites in Trondelag, we have split the region. The south (Sor) has Trondheim as its main attraction. There you should definitely take a look at the beautiful Nidaros Cathedral. The old mining town of Roros is also very interesting. Impressive: the route over the E6 south of Oppdal.

  • Campsites in Telemark

    Campsites in Telemark

    Anyone who says Telemark immediately thinks of the Telemark Canal. With its 18 locks and 72 m. height difference THE attraction of the Telemark region. But also the impressive Gaustatoppen at Rjukan, the many lakes such as at Seljord and Tinn Austbygd, the beautiful coast at Kragero and the Hardangervidda (on the north side of Telemark) are very interesting.

  • Campsites in Troms

    Campsites in Troms

    When you think of Troms, you think of Tromso. What a nice city that is! The Ice cathedral, the Fjelleisen (cable car), the various museums and the old center with colorful wooden houses. But Troms is more than that. Impressive mountains, beautiful fjords and countless lakes invite you to take wonderful walks and bike rides.

  • Campsites in Vest Agder

    Campsites in Vest Agder

    Vest Agder is the most southern province of Norway and is characterized by a beautiful coastline with nice towns such as Flekkefjord, Farsund, Mandal and the capital Kristiansand. Attractions: Kristiansand Dyreparken, the beautiful Setesdal and the lighthouse at Lindesnes, the most southern tip of Norway.

  • Campsites in Vestfold

    Campsites in Vestfold

    The Vestfold region is located on the east coast of Norway between Kristiansand and Oslo. With countless bays and islands in the Oslofjord. And with nice places like Larvik, Tonsberg and Stavern. This area is very popular with cycling enthusiasts and anglers. Hikers can also enjoy themselves here - especially in the Faerder National Park.

  • Campsites in Vestland (Hordaland)

    Campsites in Vestland (Hordaland)

    Vestland (Hordaland) is located on the west coast of Norway with the beautiful city of Bergen as its main attraction. The region borders on the huge Hardangervidda, the largest plateau in Europe. In this area you will also find the Folgefonna glacier, the Voringsfossen waterfall, the Trolltunga and nice places such as Bergen, Voss, Odda and Kinsarvik.

  • Campsites in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane)

    Campsites in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane)

    The name says it all: in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane) you will find quite a few fjords, with the absolute highlight: the impressive Sognefjord. Tip: follow the Nasjonal Turistveg "55" along the Sognefjord. Attractions in this region: Flam (Flamsbana), the Naeroyfjord at Gudvangen, the stave church of Borgund, the Vettisfossen (waterfall) and the Nigardsbreen glacier.

  • Campsites in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane) near Olden, Stryn, Nordfjord

    Campsites in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane) near Olden, Stryn, Nordfjord

    The beautiful valleys Lodalen and Oldedalen are located in the northern part of Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane). Campsites directly on the beautiful blue water with a view of glaciers, waterfalls and snowy peaks. Attractions: Briksdal Glacier, Selje, Maloy, Nordfjord, Western Cape.

  • Campsites in Viken (Buskerud)

    Campsites in Viken (Buskerud)

    The Viken (Buskerud) region is located west of Oslo. With famous places such as Drammen, Honefoss, Gol and Geilo a popular tourist area. Certainly also because the Hardangervidda, the largest national park in Norway, lies in the area. A truly beautiful location for taking beautiful walks.

  • Campsites in Viken (Ostfold)

    Campsites in Viken (Ostfold)

    The Viken (Ostfold) region is located southeast of Oslo and borders Sweden. No high mountains in this region, but hills, lakes and many forests. Here the moose has free lane. What a beautiful nature. Attractions: Fredriksten Festning (beautiful fortress in Halden) and the rock paintings and the Sarpefossen (waterfall) in Sarpsborg.