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Campsites in Nord Trondelag

Nord-Trondelag, forests, lakes, rivers and tranquility

Nord-Trondelag is a former county in central Norway. Today, as the area is called in Norwegian, Nord-Trondelag forms a whole with Sor-Trondelag as the province of Trondelag. Yet the distinction between north and south is not so strange. The campsites in Nord-Trondelag are in a much thinner populated part of Norway. But of course there is plenty to see here too. Read more


Historical defenses of Stjørdal

Nord-Trondelag is a sort of geographical turning point. From this province, the population per square kilometer to the north is only decreasing. As a result, even Stjørdal, as the largest town in Nord-Trondelag, has less than 25,000 inhabitants. But the expectation is that it is growing fast. Stjørdal has several attractions. For a example the sixteenth-century Steinvikholm castle located on a rocky island. Every August the opera is performed here about the archbishop who founded the castle. The Hegrafort from 1910 serves as a war museum. In addition, Trondheim airport is in Stjørdal.

Levanger and Steinkjer

Levanger and Steinkjer are a few smaller towns near the campsites in Nord-Trondelag. History lovers in particular have plenty to do in Levanger. For example, there is the 1500-year-old burial mound Alvshaugen. This is located in the cemetery of the Alstadhaug church, built several centuries later. The Falstad Museum recalls the concentration camp, which was established here during the Second World War. Steinkjer, which is forty kilometers more north, is known for its twelfth-century Mærekerk, the northernmost grain fields in Europe, dense forests and large bird populations.

Nature from Nord-Trondelag

The limited population gives nature in this part of Norway more than enough room. Not far from Steinkjer, for example, is the Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella nature park. It is characterized by mountains of around 1000 meters high, forests and peat soils. The fauna includes arctic foxes, roe deer, red deer and brown bears. The relatively small nature reserve Lierne is located on the border of Norway and Sweden. Birch forests, lynxes and golden eagles characterize the local flora and fauna. Børgefjell National Park is further north. Mountains, rock formations, birch and spruce forests, lakes, streams and rivers define the landscape. Common birds here are the snow owl and the osprey.

Fishing in Nord-Trondelag

Norway is a country par excellence for those who like to cast a fishing rod. And there are also many possibilities for this at the campsites in Nord-Trondelag. Several rivers flow through the province, known for their salmon-rich waters, such as the Verdalselva and Stjørdalselva. The best Norwegian salmon river, however, is the Namsen, which is also the longest at 230 kilometers. The elongated lake Snåsavatnet is perfect for trout fishermen. Various surrounding campsites rent out boats.

Local delicacies

Anyone who wants to experience Nord-Trondelag should of course not skip the culinary traditions. The alcoholic snack of the region is called Karsk. This consists of homemade spirits, mixed with coffee. In Nord-Trondelag people usually opt for somewhat weaker coffee than in Sor-Trondelag. Tasty food is of course also possible in this part of Norway. The most important dish is the Sodd meal soup, which uses meatballs, beef or mutton, potatoes and carrots.