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Campsites in Vestland (Hordaland)

Campsites in Vestland (Hordaland)

The province of Vestland (Hordaland) has a total of 33 municipalities

The province of Vestland (Hordaland) consists of no fewer than 33 municipalities and five districts, namely the Hardanger district, the Voss district, the Sunnhordland district, the Nordhordland district and the Midthordland district. Every district is easy to visit from one of the campsites in Vestland (Hordaland) and the region offers breathtaking nature. Read more


A nice mix of mountains, glaciers and plateaus for a trip through Vestland (Hordaland)

Travelers who like to relax in nature will have a great time during an adventurous tour through the province of Vestland (Hordaland). Discover the beautiful glaciers, such as the Folgefonna glacier in the Folgefonna National Park. This is the sixth glacier, looking at the order of magnitude throughout Norway. The mountain regions immediately stand out from a distance. Think of Hardangerjøkulen with a height of 1863 meters, Sandfloeggi with a height of 1721 meters and Hårteigen with a height of 1690 meters. Take a nice walk through at the Hardangervidda and visit the Lindås beech forest: Te Vollom near Seim. This is the most northerly beech forest in the world that is not laid out.

Visit the many nature reserves and national parks

The province of Vestland (Hordaland) consists of 6500 islands on the coast, but also many nature reserves and national parks are worth a visit. Take a wonderful walk through the Folgefonna National Park or the Hardangervidda National Park. In addition to these nature reserves and national parks, a visit to one of the many fjords and waterfalls is of course indispensable during a tour. A number of well-known waterfalls are Låtefossen, Steinsdalsfossen, Stykkjedalsfossen and Vøringsfossen.

Plan a city trip to one of the largest cities in Norway

Numerous trips to nature can be planned from one of the campsites in Vestland (Hordaland). But the province also offers more than enough opportunities for the city lover. Leirvik, Odda and Voss are very atmospheric, but one of the most famous cities in Norway is Bergen. This city is also called the city between the seven mountains and is a very popular destination during a trip through Norway. Use the cable train called Fløibanen and enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Visit the old trade and administrative center, discover the many museums in the city and view the aquarium. Both as a starting point and end point, the city is a very popular place to stay.

Explore the province by bridge, tunnel and ferry from the campsites in Vestland (Hordaland)

Even though there are many ski areas, glaciers and nature reserves in the province, Vestland (Hordaland) is still easy to reach. Explore the province by car via bridges, tunnels and ferry services. There are regular flights to local airports and the well-maintained E39 runs right through the province. A nice fact about this road is that the Nordhordalandsbridge is a long pontoon bridge of no less than 1610 meters, without side anchoring.