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Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland North)

Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland North)

Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland North): ideal holiday in the middle of nature

Enjoy a wonderful holiday surrounded by nature at the campsites in Innlandet (Oppland North). There are various national parks in the region with huge mountains and mighty valleys. The campsites serve as an excellent base for various hiking, cycling or kayaking trips in the area. Read more


Gudbrandsdalen, the largest and most famous valley in Innlandet (Oppland)

The Gudbrandsdalen with the river Gudbrandsdalslågen is with its 320 kilometers in length the largest and most famous valley of Innlandet (Oppland). The E6 route runs through the entire valley and is the most important connecting road between Oslo and the area around Trondheim and northern Norway. In the Middle Ages, many pilgrims followed the path to Nidaros (present-day Trondheim). This led to the spread of Norwegian motifs and typical Norwegian art and culture to other countries. The region is also known for its Gudbrandsdalsost. This authentic cheese from the valley is made from sweet goat's milk and cow's milk.

Rondane: the oldest national park in Norway

From the campsites in Innlandet (Oppland North) you can take beautiful walks in the Rondane National Park. This park is the oldest in Norway. Here you will find 10 mountain peaks above 2000 meters and a variety of beautiful mountains and waterfalls. The national park is located between Dombas, Vinstra, Hjerkinn, Ringebu and Hundorp. Large numbers of reindeer can be found in Rondane, but the chance of seeing them is small. During the summer, the animals retreat to the remote areas. There are also otters, wolverines, moose and bears in the park. The park is ideal for walks, bike rides or kayak boat trips.

Dovrefjell National Park, the realm of the musk ox

The Dovrefjell National Park is the only park in Norway where musk oxen can be seen in the wild. The mountain plateau in particular is the perfect place to see the animals. However, you can also find them in the lower areas near the streams and forests. Dovrefjell is nicknamed "the roof of Norway". The highest peak of the park is the Snøhetta mountain peak, with a height of 2286 meters. The mountain is fairly easy to walk. The chance of snow on the way is high. In addition to musk oxen, there are moose and reindeer in the area. The arctic fox, the wolverine and a variety of birds also occur in the area.

Jotunheimen: the most popular national park in Norway

The Jotunheimen National Park is recommended for hiking trips through the highest and most beautiful mountains in Norway. Here you can find the Galdhøpiggen (2469 meters) and the Glittertind (2454 meters) mountain tops. In the national park you will find unspoilt, wild nature with high mountain tops, beautiful glaciers and high lakes. Moreover, during a walking tour all kinds of animals can cross your path, such as deer, reindeer, roe deer, moose, martens, foxes and even lynx. In addition, many plants and trees grow to great heights. There is even a buttercup type present that still grows at 2350 meters!