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Vassbakken Kro og Camping

Beautifully situated campsite directly in front of an 80 meter high waterfall at the base of the Sognefjellet. Fine restaurant. Nice cabins and beautiful rooms for rent. Near Jotunheimen National Park.

Vassbakken Camping Skjolden uitzicht

Vassbakken Kro & Camping in Skjolden in the Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane) region

Vassbakken Kro & Camping is located in the beautiful Fortun Valley, directly on the Fortundalselva river where you can fish well. You can also go fishing, swimming and canoeing in lake Eidsvatnet, which is a little further away. The campsite is within walking distance of the village of Skjolden, where you will find various shops and an indoor swimming pool and climbing wall. Vassbakken Kro & Camping has a fine restaurant where traditional Norwegian dishes are served. And there is a cozy terrace, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the 80 meter high waterfall just in front of the campsite.

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