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Campsites in Aust Agder

Aust-Agder: a combination of peace, nature and charming coastal towns

Aust-Agder is a southern province of Norway and an ideal destination for a wonderful camping holiday. The unspoilt nature of the region is the perfect scenery for a walk or bike ride along the coast or through the mountainous landscape. Read more


The various nature of Aust-Agder

Whoever discovers Aust-Agder will find that the region is incredibly various. This region is filled with an extraordinary amount of beautiful nature. In the north of the province, for example, lies the famous Setesdal. Here hikers are surrounded by green mountains that provide a breathtaking view. Is it time for a quieter walk? Then a trip through the valley is the best choice. In this valley, countless picturesque lakes effortlessly alternate with each other, led by the Otra River. Another beautiful natural phenomenon can be admired on the banks of this river. The Reiårsfossen waterfall rushes down here at high speed.

Unforgettable walking tours along the Norwegian coast

Those who travel to the south of Aust-Agder can count on a beautiful coastal area with a special nature. The Norwegian coast is famous for its robust atmosphere, with many small beaches and a rocky coastline. That is no different in Aust-Agder. Dark rocks are effortlessly interspersed with green mountains and a sparkling sea. Stroll along the many beaches, enjoy the view and enjoy the green Norwegian landscape. Fancy a little adventure? Then visit one of the many islands along the coastline and be rewarded with a phenomenal view of the sea.

Discover the towns on the southeast coast of Norway

Fancy a visit to the city? Aust-Agder is home to the largest cities on the coast, also known as the Norwegian Riviera or Sørlandet. There is the place Arendal. Cozy wooden houses from the seventeenth century fill the center of this beautiful city. Arendal also has a special island: Tromøy. Here a historic church from the twelfth century towers above the rest of the island. Seen Arendal completely? Then there is still Grimstad. The lighthouse in this place is the place to enjoy a beautiful view. Grimstad also has an interesting museum. This is entirely devoted to the famous Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen. Most Aust-Agder campsites are also located on the Norwegian Riviera, especially around the nice town of Grimstad.

The most beautiful sights in Aust-Agder

During a camping holiday in Aust-Agder there are plenty of sights to discover. For example, there is Byglandsfjorden. This beautiful lake is a wonderful place for an afternoon swim. There are also several small beaches here for undisturbed sunbathing. The local steamboat also ensures an unforgettable trip on the water. Walkers and cyclists will enjoy a visit to the beautiful island of Hisøy. A number of special routes have been mapped out here that lead directly to the most beautiful parts of nature.