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Campsites in Rogaland

Rogaland: spectacular fjords and culturally rich cities

Rogaland is located in southwestern Norway. Because of its location on the coast, this province mainly consists of beautiful bays and islands. The main island is Karmøy and the largest bay Boknafjorden. For nature lovers it is good to stay at one of the campsites in Rogaland, because the province has beautiful fjords and mountain landscapes with great views, interspersed with flat coasts and white beaches. Read more


The most beautiful sights of Rogaland

Whoever stays at one of the campsites in Rogaland, will especially enjoy all the natural beauty in this region. The highlight is a visit to the Preikestolen, a 600 meter high cliff in the municipality of Forsand with a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Via the so-called Nasjonale Turistveger, specially laid out tourist routes, you will visit the strikingly flat Jæren region. Historical places such as Stavanger and Haugesund provide the necessary cultural variety.

The impressive nature of Rogaland

Due to its composition of islands and fjords, Rogaland is a very suitable region for lovers of an active and natural camping holiday. The coast has a craggy appearance where fjords, high cliffs and deserted beaches merge. The Preikestolen is a more than 600 meter high cliff above the Lysefjorden, which is reached after a 6-kilometer walking tour. The rock itself is fairly smooth and therefore easy to enter. The panoramic view over the surrounding mountains and the clear water offers a great picture, especially in good weather.

Strolling over deserted beaches

A view of the sea where seems to come no end to it and a mild climate, that’s the area of Jæren, south of the city of Stavanger. This area contrasts strongly with the rest of Rogaland, where the high cliffs and deep fjords determine the landscape. Jæren is flat and is known for its miles of white beaches, sand dunes, boulders and stately lighthouses. This is the largest piece of lowland in Norway and therefore an important agricultural area. For cyclists who want to explore Rogaland calmly, this is a nice region because of the flat and therefore well-maintained roads.

Discover the nicest cities in Rogaland: Stavanger

From one of the campsites in Rogaland you can easily visit the most important cities in this province. The western location of Stavanger is seen as the center of the Norwegian oil industry. The city has a picturesque center where the old church and the white facades stand out. There are also numerous museums, including the petroleum museum, the visual arts museum and the canning museum where the visitor learns more about preserving caught fish.


Haugesund is a young city in the north of Rogaland. This bustling city has numerous fun festivals, such as the annual jazz festival and the Norwegian International Film festival. The nearby Avaldsnes played an important role in the history of Norway and the Viking period. The Nordvegen History Center teaches visitors more about the domination of the Vikings while the Viking Farm shows what the daily lives of this mysterious people used to look like.