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Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland South)

Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland South)

Campsites in Innlandet (Oppland South): where traditional and modern Norway meet

Around the campsites in Innlandet (Oppland South) you experience the colorful landscape of the green fields, beautiful mountains with their white tops and the brown stave churches. In addition, the rich traditions and history come together with the more recent developments for the Olympic Games and the associated tourism. The versatile nature in the region is perfect for beautiful walking or cycling trips through the open landscape. Read more


Beautiful Gudbrandsdalen valley in Innlandet (Oppland South)

The largest and most famous valley in Innlandet (Oppland South) is the Gudbrandsdalen. With a length of 320 km, the valley connects Oslo with Trondheim and northern Norway. In ancient times, pilgrims traveled to Nidaros (present-day Trondheim) through the same valley. In this way, many Norwegian traditions and traditional clothing with Norwegian motifs spread from the north to other countries. Typical for the valley is the characteristic Gudbrandsdalsost cheese. This cheese is made from sweet goat milk and cow milk.

The Jotunheimen National Park with the highest mountains in Norway

To the west of the campsites in Innlandet (Oppland South) lies the beautiful Jotunheimen National Park. Here are the highest and most beautiful mountains in all of Norway. There is the Glittertind of 2.454 meters and the Galdhøpiggen of 2.469 meters. As soon as the cold winter is over, a world of life appears. During the hike you will find reindeer, moose, deer, fox, roe deer, martens and even lynx. A variety of trees and plants are also growing at high altitudes. The birch, elm, pine and hazelnut form a diverse palette of greenery. In addition, there are beautiful lakes in the area, such as Lake Tyin, Bygdin, Vinstri and Gjende.

Maihaugen, the largest open-air museum in Europe

In Lillehammer is one of the largest and oldest open-air museums in Europe, the Maihaugen. The museum offers more than 200 buildings of different centuries, fantastic cultural experiences and numerous exhibitions. There is a rural area, the residential area, the city and the cultural landscape, of which all kinds of periods are shown. The activities in the park are suitable for all ages. In addition, there are countless options for a tasty meal.

Winter sports in Innlandet (Oppland South)

The Innlandet (Oppland South) region offers all sorts of opportunities to enjoy the snow in the winter. For example, there are a number of ski centers spread across the many mountain areas. The most popular ski resorts are in Hafjell, Kvitfjell and Beitostølen. The Kvitfjell ski area was created for the 1994 Winter Olympics. Wherever you decide to go winter sports, you always enjoy a spectacular view of the beautiful Norwegian mountains.

Innlandet (Oppland South) with the whole family

The Innlandet (Oppland South) region offers wonderful day trips for the whole family. For example, for families with children, the Hunderfossen Family Park is a must. This amusement park is located just north of Lillehammer. Various Norwegian traditional fairy tales are depicted in the park, with a modern twist. Trolls are also present in the amusement park. The attractions are suitable for all ages. For a creative activity with the family, the Hadeland Glassverk glass museum in Jevnaker is an excellent tip. In this glass museum it is possible to follow a glass blowing workshop.