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Campsites in Innlandet (Hedmark)

Campsites in Innlandet (Hedmark)

Innlandet (Hedmark): unspoilt natural beauty in eastern Norway

The Innlandet (Hedmark) region is located in eastern Norway. With an area of around 28.000 km2, the region is no less than eleven times the size of Luxembourg. The Swedish border is located on the east side of the Innlandet (Hedmark) region. The campsites in Innlandet (Hedmark) are an ideal base to discover the beautiful nature in the area. There are various national parks, winding rivers and beautiful lakes. This area offers all the ingredients for a wonderful camping holiday. Read more


Winter sports in snow-sure Innlandet (Hedmark)

Innlandet (Hedmark) is an excellent choice for winter sports enthusiasts. The region offers endless pistes and extensive trails, which are perfect for skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. The Trysil ski area is very family-friendly and has long runs that are particularly suitable for beginners. The advanced winter sports enthusiast will find around 20 km of black slopes on the higher part. Cross-country skiers can go around Sjusjøen, where no less than 130 km of trails are located. And … these trails are connected to the tracks in Øyer, Lillehammer and Nordseter of 344 km length. A horse-drawn sleigh or dog ride is an exciting experience to alternate winter sports.

Beautiful flora and fauna in the national parks

The campsites in Innlandet (Hedmark) are the perfect base to discover the national parks in the region. The vast majority of this Norwegian region consists beautiful nature with grand national parks. Examples of this are Rondane, Gutulia and Femunden. Rondane is the oldest national park in Norway. Here you can see no less than ten mountain peaks above 2.000 meters, countless beautiful mountain landscapes and spectacular waterfalls. It is therefore a true hiking paradise. The park has a diversity of flora and fauna, including wolverines, moose, otters and reindeer.

Finnskogleden: walking along the Swedish border

Finnskogleden is located in the middle of the Innlandet (Hedmark) region. This is a hiking trail of 240 km long and runs from Morokulien to Søre Osen in Trysil. The walking tour runs through a beautiful mysterious area, which got its name from the Finns. From 1600 the Finns lived in this area. They assigned magical powers to the area. One of the miracles in the area is a huge rock that lies on a circle of small stones. People still don't know how the big stone ended up here. Of course it is also possible to walk a smaller part of this hike.

Visit the pleasant city of Hamar

Besides the beautiful natural beauty, the campsites in Innlandet (Hedmark) are close to the pleasant town of Hamar. The capital of this region was in 1994 the site of the skating tournament of the Olympic Games. The Dutch scater Sven Kramer became world champion here in 2009. In addition to a visit to the Vikingskipet, the ethnographic museum Hedmarksmuseet is a must. This museum consists of around 50 traditional buildings. Hamar also offers beautiful shops and attractive restaurants for a tasty meal. Moreover, Hamar is located on beautiful Lake Mjøsa. This is the largest lake in Norway with an area of around 365 km2.