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Lofoten: discover this beautiful Norwegian island group

If you are looking for great nature, bounty beaches and cozy fishing villages in Norway, then you should definitely visit Lofoten.

The Lofoten archipelago is one of Norway's largest attractions. The Lofoten has no fewer than 80 islands with great nature, "bounty" beaches and charming fishing villages such as Reine, Nusfjord and Henningsvaer.

"Bounty" beaches

You will find beautiful bounty beaches at Ramberg, Undstad, Grimsoy, Utakleiv, Flakstad and Rorvik. Here you can take wonderful beach walks and enjoy the beautiful view. The beaches are also ideally suited to enjoy the midnight sun in the summer and to watch the Northern Lights in the winter.


If you want to visit the Lofoten you can do this by ferry. For example from Bodo - Moskenes, or from Skutvika - Svolvaer or from Bognes - Lodingen. Tip: opt for the Bodo - Moskenes ferry. You will then arrive on one of the southernmost islands of the Lofoten and you can then drive north via the E10 and take the E6 slightly north of Narvik (north towards the North Cape or south towards Trondheim). A trip from the Lofoten to the Vesteralen archipelago is also highly recommended.

Weather forecast

Advice: try to visit the Lofoten in good weather. Therefore, check the weather forecasts well in advance. Be aware that in good weather you are not the only one leaving for the Lofoten. When the weather is good on the Lofoten, campsites at Bodo are getting completely empty and in the port of Bodo it will very busy. So be on time. Or make a reservation.

Spend the night

You can spend the night at the many campsites on the Lofoten, but you should also spend 1 night in a traditional rorbu, a hut on stilts above the water that used to be used primarily as a fisherman's hut, but is now increasingly being rented out as a place to stay for tourists.

A number of nice campsites on the Lofoten (from north to south):