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Heroy Caravan

Nice campsite off the coast of Sandnessjoen with a beautiful sandy beach and a view of the Seven Sisters. What a wonderful place! Beautiful area for walking and cycling trips.

Heroy Caravan uitzicht

Heroy Caravan in Heroy in the Nordland region

Heroy Caravan is in a beautiful spot right on a beautiful sandy beach. The campsite is located on the island of Tenna (part of Heroy municipality) which can be reached by ferry from Sovik (near Sandnessjoen airport). If you are walking or cycling, you can also take a fast boat from the harbor of Sandnessjoen. The camping pitches at Heroy Caravan are situated on the grass and the view is equally beautiful everywhere. Over the sea you can see the Seven Sisters, a group of mountains with peaks around 1.000 meters. A really beautiful sight. Canoes can be rented at Heroy Caravan and in addition to good fishing opportunities, the area is very suitable for beautiful walks or bike rides.

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