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Campsites in Sogn og Fjordane near Olden, Stryn, Nordfjord

Campsites in Sogn og Fjordane near Olden, Stryn, Nordfjord

Campsites in Sogn og Fjordane near Olden, Stryn and Nordfjord: craggy coastal nature with beautiful fjords in the area

The sparsely populated Sogn og Fjordane is a beautiful rural province with Leikanger as its capital. In addition to the craggy coastal nature you will find hundreds of large and small islands, hidden bays and steep cliffs. Moreover, the Nordfjord region offers, with its mountain lakes and glacier tongues. a huge variety of nature! Read more


Blue mountain lakes and flowering valleys at the Nordfjord

The Nordfjord - with a length of 106km. 1 of the longest fjords in Norway - offers a special contrasting nature. In addition to imposing mountains, you will find here deep lakes and flowering valleys. On the west coast the water is unrestrained and wild at Stadjavet. The area around the Vestkapp and the coast, the village of Oppstryn, the lake Loenvatnet, the Oldedalen valley and the glacier Briksdalsbreen are probably the biggest attractions in Fjord Norway. You can view the fjord with a kayak, climb a mountain or enjoy a panoramic view thanks to the Loen Skylift. This gondola takes you to the top of mount Hoven within five minutes.

The colorful coastal town of Maloy

The colorful town of Maloy is located on the coast. This village is one of the most important fishing ports in Norway. The inhabitants therefore almost exclusively live from fishing and processing. At the quay you will see various ships like the Hurtigruten and the fast ferries between Ålesund and Bergen. It is possible to book various seafish excursions here. Maloy Kafé is located in the main street, which is an excellent place for a tasty cup of coffee, lunch and sandwiches. From this village you can also make beautiful hiking trips. For example, walk to the Kannesteinen, a particularly eroded rock on the beach north of Maloy.

The special Stadlandet peninsula in Selje

From the campsites in Sogn og Fjordane near Olden, Stryn and Nordfjord you can make a wonderful day trip to the Stadlandet peninsula. This rock point, which extends far into the sea, is a part of the municipality of Selje, named after the village on the southwest side of the peninsula. The peninsula is notorious among sailors for its dangerous sea currents and cliffs. The area therefore provides a fascinating landscape with rock and moss plateaus that come together at the Vestkapp. Trees do not grow here because of the rain, strong wind and the bare rock surface. The dramatic and desolate area makes a huge impression with every type of weather! The small village of Selje offers a beautiful church and beautiful boat houses. Moreover, on the island of Selja, close to the coast, you will find several ruins of a monastery. In the summer a boat leaves for the island several times a day (only 15 minutes by boat).

The Briksdal Glacier in Oldedalen

The beautiful Briksdal Glacier attracts many visitors every year. The Briksdal Glacier is one of the most important glacier tongues of the Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in Europe. The base of the glacier tongue is barely 350 meters high. From Olden it is approximately 23 km. to the Briksdalbrevatnet glacier lake. From the parking place at the glacier you can walk past a waterfall towards the glacier on foot or with an electric cart (the carriages pulled by a fjord pony is history).