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Stabbursdalen Resort Lakselv

Beautifully situated campsite at approx. 15km. from the village Lakselv. Fisherman's paradise. The campsite is located directly on the river. New sanitary facilities. Lots of choice in accommodations.

Stabbursdalen Resort ligging aan rivier

Stabbursdalen Resort near Lakselv in the Finnmark region

Stabbursdalen Resort is beautifully situated on the (salmon) river Stabburselva. There are also good fishing opportunities in the immediate vicinity. A wonderful place for fishermen! Stabbursdalen Resort is located near the coast at about 15km. from the village Lakselv. There you will find various shops and supermarkets and even a (small) airport. The campsite is on the E6 between Lakselv and Indre Billefjord. An ideal place if you have (had) the North Cape as your final destination. Good news: Stabbursdalen Resort has new sanitary facilities since the summer of 2019. There is also a restaurant (small menu) and there are various accommodations for rent. Tip: a nice chapel has been built on the campsite: the Northern Light Chapel. You should definitely check it out!

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