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Altafjord Camping

Terraced campsite in Langfjordbotn along the E6 directly on the fjord at approx. 70 km. from Alta and 320km. from the North Cape. Many covered facilities.

Altafjord Camping bij Alta

Altafjord Camping in Langfjordbotn near Alta in the Finnmark region:

Campsite in an impressive setting. Camping pitches and hytter are on various terraces, giving you a great view of the surrounding mountains and fjord everywhere. The campsite has a large selection of hytter / holiday homes. There are many "bad weather" facilities at the campsite. There is a museum and a gallery, darts, table tennis and billiards, and a cozy living room with TV and free WIFI.

Fishing, boat rental and hiking:

Altafjord Camping is located directly on the Langfjord where you can fish - for example - for haddock, coalfish and cod. You can throw out your rod from the pier (for free), but you can also rent various boats at the campsite to go fishing on the Langfjord. It is also possible to go fishing at the river Bognelva, but a fishing license is required there (available at the reception). Are you more a hiking enthusiast than the "Traktorweg" is very nice. This path starts directly from the campsite and from the top you have a great view. Very special is the "Bubble Route", a hike of about 20 minutes to a beautiful natural attraction: an underground river that rises from the ground (source).

At Altafjord Camping:

The campsite has been run by the Rapp Family for generations. In the meantime, so much historical material has become available from the campsite and the neighboring farm that the owners have furnished a museum. There is also a small library, a relaxation room (with LPs, among other things) and a gallery furnished with photos and objects from the Northern Norwegian culture. You will also find a sauna at the campsite.

On the way to the North Cape:

With still 320km. to go to the North Cape, Altafjord Camping is located directly along the E6. Distance ca. 320km. from Tromso and about 70km. towards Alta. Despite the fact that many campers are on their way to the North Cape, Altafjord Camping is - due to the many facilities - extremely suitable for a longer stay.

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