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Gamle Stavanger
Stavanger Havn

Visit Stavanger and hike to the spectacular cliff of Preikestolen

If you are in the Stavanger area you should definitely visit the old town and take a walk to the Preikestolen

The city center of Stavanger and the surrounding area of Stavanger are very beautiful, with the absolute highlight: a walk to the spectacular cliff Preikestolen. It is not without reason that Preikestolen has been named the most beautiful viewpoint in the world by Lonely Planet. Really a must! Due to the construction of the new 14.3km. long submarine tunnel “Ryfylketunnelen”, the Preikestolen is much easier and faster to reach from Stavanger. In Stavanger you should definitely pay a visit to the beautiful Stavanger Dom Church and the old town of Stavanger: Gamle Stavanger.

Visit Stavanger

The beautiful city of Stavanger is located on the west coast of Norway and is best known as the “oil capital” of Europe. Stavanger is also a student city, which creates a special lively atmosphere in the city. You will also find many entertainment venues and cozy terraces. Stavanger is also known as a culturally rich city. Not only are there many museums (including the Stavanger Museum of Visual Arts), you will also find many art objects in the city itself. The absolute highlight is the old town of Stavanger, Gamle Stavanger. Here you will find the largest collection of wooden houses in Europe. Take the time to stroll along the no fewer than 170 old - mostly white - houses.

Beautiful beaches near Stavanger

The coastline at Stavanger is very beautiful and offers wonderful hiking opportunities. It is less known that there are beautiful beaches in the immediate vicinity of Stavanger. Pearl white beaches such as Hellesto Beach ("Hellestøstranden") where a large kite festival is held every year, Orre Beach ("Orrestranda"), the longest beach in Norway and the beaches Sola Beach ("Solastranden") and Bore Beach ("Borestranda") which are very popular with surfers:

These beaches are all located in the Jaeren area and are situated on a total coastline of no less than 70km. Highly recommended!

Walk to the Preikestolen

The hike to the spectacular cliff Preikestolen (“the Pulpit”) is one of the most popular hikes in Norway. You will find the Preikestolen at approximately 8km. from the parking lot and it takes you – back and forth - about 4 hours. From the cliff you have a breathtaking view of the beautiful area, the surrounding mountains and the Lysefjord, which lies about 600 meters below you. Once you have arrived at the cliff, you can take very nice pictures from a slightly higher position. In summer - especially in July - it can be very busy in good weather. It is therefore advisable to visit the Preikestolen - if possible - outside the high season and to start the walk early in the morning.

Accessibility and campsites in and around Stavanger

Stavanger is easily accessible by car via the coastal road E39. In addition, the city has an airport and there are good train and bus connections. There are a number of nice campsites in and around Stavanger: