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Skylift Loen
Via Ferrata Loen
Hike to mount Skala

Loen Skylift, Via Ferrata Loen and a hike to Mount Skala

The Loen Skylift, Via Ferrata Loen and Mount Skala have become one of the most popular destinations in Norway in a few years

The Loen Skylift, Via Ferrata Loen and Mount Skala are all in the immediate vicinity of the small village of Loen, with only 600 inhabitants. Loen is located at the beginning of the beautiful Lodalen. Together with Oldedalen, one of the most beautiful valleys in Norway. The Skala mountain has been there a little longer, of course, but when the construction of the Skylift Loen started in 2015 and 2 years later with the construction of the Via Ferrata Loen, it was not foreseeable that it would become so popular.

Loen Skylift

The Loen Skylift was opened in May 2017 by Queen Sonja of Norway and has been a popular attraction ever since. The 2 gondolas Hugin and Munin will take you from 0 to an altitude of no less than 1.011 meters in about 6 minutes. The view from the top of Mount Hoven is indescribably beautiful and one of the most beautiful in all of Norway. In clear weather you can see the mountain Skala, you look into the beautiful Lodalen, you see far below the village of Loen and you have a wide view over the Innvikfjord, an part of the Nordfjord. The top of Mount Hoven is also a great starting point for beautiful walks. Such as for example towards the Staurinibba, the Skredfjellet and the Årheimsfjellet. But at the top you can also just enjoy the view with a drink on the terrace of Hoven Restaurant.

Via Ferrata Loen

Via Ferrata Loen is the longest Via Ferrata bridge in Europe with a length of 120 meters. It is located at an altitude of 750 meters and can be reached via the Skylift Loen. A guide is highly recommended. Inquire at Loen Active in the center of Loen. The guided tour (including equipment) to Via Ferrata Loen can optionally be combined with lunch or dinner at the Hoven Restaurant, final point of the Skylift Loen.

Hike to Mount Skala

In the vicinity of the Nordfjord you will find no less than 230 marked hiking trails, but the hike to the top of Mount Skala is one of the most famous in Fjord Norway. At the top - at 1.848 meters! - there is a round tower where you can spend the night or make a cup of coffee. Start of the hike to the top of Skala is located 300 meters from Tjugen Camping. It is about 5 hours walking / climbing to the top. You will take an average of 3 hours on the way back. Shorter walks are also possible.

Location between Olden and Stryn

The village of Loen is about 10km. south of Stryn and 6km. north of Olden. Both places are located directly on the Innvikfjord, a part of the beautiful Nordfjord. Cruise ships dock regularly in Olden. Not surprising, of course, with so much natural beauty in the immediate vicinity.

Accessibility and campsites in and around Loen

Loen is easily accessible by water and by bus and car via the Fv60 which runs from Stryn towards Byrkjelo. There the Fv60 intersects with the E39. There are a number of nice campsites in the Loen area:

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane) near Olden, Stryn, Nordfjord

    Sande Camping Loen

    Really beautifully situated campsite with a view of waterfalls, glaciers and the clear blue Lovatnet (lake). Great sanitary. Restaurant on the campsite.

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane) near Olden, Stryn, Nordfjord

    Lo-Vik Camping Loen

    From this campsite, which is centrally located in the center of Loen, you have a great view of the beautiful surroundings. You can also see the Loen Skylift and the Via Ferrata from the campsite.

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane) near Olden, Stryn, Nordfjord

    Tjugen Camping Loen

    This well-kept campsite is in a beautiful location. Located on different terraces, giving you a wonderful view everywhere. Friendly owner. Good free WIFI.

  • Recommended

    Campsites in Vestland (Sogn og Fjordane) near Olden, Stryn, Nordfjord

    Oldevatn Camping

    Located in a truly beautiful area with glaciers, waterfalls, impressive mountains and the beautiful clear water of the Oldevatnet lake. Located near the Briksdal Glacier.