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Hike to Trolltunga
View from Hanakamb mountain
Hike to Folgefonna glacier

Trolltunga, Hanakamb & Folgefonna National Park.

As a hiker you have already visited the Hardangervidda and perhaps also the Trolltunga, but are you also familiar with the hike to the Hanakamb & Folgefonna?

The horizontally protruding rock of Trolltunga, the mountain Hanakamb and the Folgefonna glacier are all in the immediate vicinity of the small town of Odda. Located directly on the Sorfjord, a side branch of the beautiful Hardangerfjord. The area is characterized by impressive mountain peaks and huge waterfalls, but also by lovely slopes with fruit trees. It makes the area around Odda very popular with nature lovers, hikers and campers in Norway.


The Trolltunga, or “the tongue of the Troll” is a horizontally protruding rock at an altitude of 1.180 meters. Very popular with walkers, but by no means easy. The walk (28km. - round trip) takes a total of 10 - 12 hours and of course it is certainly not flat. Good condition and good equipment are required. But it is well worth it, because from the Trolltunga you have a breathtaking view over the Ringedalsvatnet (lake) and the surrounding mountains. Awesome!


On the west side of the Sorfjord between the small village of Nå and Odda, you can hike to the Hanakamb mountain. Less spectacular than the hike to the Trolltunga, but also less known and therefore less crowded. The Hanakamb is a mountain peak of 1.080 meters high and from the top you have a great view of the Sorfjord, the Folgefonna glacier and the impressive surroundings. The walk can also be made with a guide.

Folgefonna National Park

The Folgefonna glacier is the 3rd largest glacier in Norway with an area of no less than 207km2. The Folgefonna National Park stretches from the summer ski area at Jondal in the north to the Blomstolskardbreen (spur) in the south and is home to several rivers and lakes where you can also kayak. The hike to the Buerbreen spur - on the east side of the Folgefonna National Park near Odda - is very popular. Guided glacier tours can also be booked here.

Located near the small town of Odda

The small town of Odda has about 5.000 inhabitants and is located directly on the Sorfjord, a side branch of the Hardangerfjord. In the town you will find various shops, restaurants and supermarkets, but the many attractions in the vicinity of Odda make the town immensely popular. The Trolltunga is 14km. away, the Buerbreen glacier 6km., the Hanakamb 14km., the Latefossen (twin waterfall) 7km. and the Dronningstien (Queens Trail) is located at 40km. distance.

Accessibility and campsites near Odda

The small town of Odda can be reached from the south via Roldal or via Haugesund. Via the “15” you drive north towards Odda. If you come from Bergen, you can take the new tunnels towards Odda just south of Jondal. If you're coming from Voss, you can take the spectacular new Hardanger Bridge towards Kinsarvik and then drive south towards Odda. You will find a number of nice campsites in the immediate vicinity of Odda: