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Camping Norway

Is camping in Norway so much different from camping in the rest of Europe? Check the info below.

Is Norway on your bucket list and have you really decided to go camping in Norway? But you do not know, for example, what the best time is to travel to Norway. And is it really true that staying at a campsite in Norway is so expensive. If you are going to Norway with a dog, what should you think about. Is it a good idea to go on holiday to Norway with the kids? On all these questions, we try to give you an answer on this page.

Camping possibilities in Norway

The standard of campsites in Norway has improved greatly in recent years. This of course also has to do with the fact that more and more people are going to camp in Norway. Many campers come from the Netherlands and Germany, but in recent years there has also been a huge increase of Norwegians who are going to camp in their own country. This requires a higher quality of the sanitary facilities, a greater diversity of accommodation options and a better structure on the campsite. The latter translates, for example, into separate camping pitches. Not everyone will appreciate this, because in Norway, most campsites still have the following rule: “just find yourself a spot”.

But on the other hand, you also don\\\\\\'t want another camper to put his caravan under the awning at your place. And so you see more and more gravel pitches for campingcars and caravans with “grass under the awning” and special places for tents. For campers in Norway, this also has the advantage that you can reserve a specific place. In short: there is something to be said for everything. But one thing is certain: in general you will find well-maintained campsites in Norway. With beautiful camping pitches for campers, caravans and tents:

and different types of accommodation, often called “hytter” or “rorbuer”.

What is the price indication for campsites in Norway ?

It is often said: “Norway is so expensive”. This indeed applies to a number of things (such as alcohol), but NOT to campsites. In fact, if you go camping in Norway during the high season, you are much cheaper than camping in Spain, Croatia, Italy or Switzerland.

To give you an idea: for For 2 people in the high season including camping pitch, caravan, electricity and tourist tax, the nightly price in 2024 is:

    • Italy € 39,24
    • Croatia € 38,77
    • Switzerland € 38,66
    • Austria € 36,35
    • Spain € 33,75
    • Slovenia € 32,84
    • Denmark € 31,88
    • Germany € 27,52
    • Norway € 26,89
    • Luxemburg € 26,66
    • Finland € 26,49
    • Sweden € 26,29

(source: research by Camping.info, published by NKC)

On our website we use a price indication for the low season and a price indication for the high season, based on 2 adults and a camping pitch for a caravan + car. This indication price is only stated at campsites that have communicated this to us. In addition, it is indicated on our website which discount cards the campsite accepts. Here too we are dependent on the information that the campsites have shared with us. If you want to make a selection of which campsites, for example, give a discount on showing the ACSI Card, use the filter on the left side of this page: www.mt-campingsnorway.com/campsites-in-norway:

Naturally, the location of the campsite has a major influence on the price. For example, the prices at campsites in the major cities and, for example, in the southeast (the Sørlandet) of Norway are significantly higher than at campsites in the east (Innlandet / Hedmark) and the north of Norway.

What is the best time for camping in Norway ?

A large number of campsites in Norway are open all year round. But there are also campsites that are only open in June, July and August. What is the best time to camp in Norway? This depends on for example: the weather, the prices and the crowds.

Weather in Norway:

My own experience is that the weather is usually nice in Norway at the end of May and in the month of June. This of course varies by region and so many campers in Norway travel “looking at the weather forecast”. To give you an idea: in Bodo you can take the ferry to Lofoten. If the weather forecast for the Lofoten suddenly gets a lot better, you will see that it suddenly becomes a lot busier in the harbor of Bodo. A nice website to check the weather in Norway is www.pent.no. This puts 2 “weather websites” next to each other. Another factor is that it hardly gets dark in June. At the end of August it will be dark a lot earlier and this of course also has an effect on the temperature.

Prices for campsites in Norway:

I have already given an overview of the prices above, but sometimes there is quite a difference and the prices for the low season are much lower than in the high season. When exactly the high season starts differs per campsite, but the high season often runs from about 20 June to the 1st week of August.

Crowds at the campsites in Norway:

I can be very clear about this: if you have the option to decide for yourself when you go on holiday to Norway, don\\\\\\'t go in the month of July. That is the busiest month of the year in Norway. Not only at the campsites, but also at attractions, when visiting cities, in National Parks, at ferries, etc.

To make a selection, for example, which campsites are already open in the month of May, you can use the filter on the left side of this page: www.mt-campingsnorway.com/campsites-in-norway:

Camping with children on campsites in Norway, good idea ?

Camping with children in Norway is becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because both parents and children “sometimes want something different”. Exchange the animation for spectacular walks in the beautiful nature of Norway. Exchange the disco for the sight of the sun, which just doesn\\\\\\'t set. And so I see more and more parents taking their children into the beautiful nature of Norway, going on glacier trips, kayaking on the fjords, looking for spectacular waterfalls, together with a guide looking for moose, whales or musk oxen, etc.

In Norway you will find beautiful beaches, there is only one downside: check - before you jump into the water - what the temperature is ... There are also campsites with a swimming pool in Norway:

You can also filter these yourself on the left side of this page: www.mt-campingsnorway.com/campsites-in-norway:

You can even compile your own - free - camping guide from this selection by choosing at the top of the results for:

Camping with your dog on campsites in Norway

What could be better than going out with your dog(s) in the beautiful nature of Norway. But are all dogs allowed. Is there a maximum. Do you need to register your dog. Are dogs allowed on all campsites in Norway?

First of all: a number of dog breeds are not allowed in Norway. For example, the Pitbull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier are prohibited. Check this website for more information: https://lostinnorvana.nl/overig/hond-noorwegen (Dutch, please use Google translation).

Some important rules before you go camping with your dog on campsites in Norway:

  • Dogs under 3 months are not allowed to enter Norway.
  • Dogs must be reported at the border.
  • The maximum number is 5.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the front seat of the car.

In addition, you must ensure:

  • A registered chip.
  • A valid EU pet passport.
  • Registration with customs.
  • And you must comply with the health rules.

For ferries, dogs in taxis or public transport, rules apply which may differ per company. Check this website for all information about “dogs in Norway”: https://lostinnorvana.nl/overig/hond-noorwegen (Dutch, please use Google translation).

Camping with a dog on campsites in Norway: this is allowed at all campsites in Norway in both the low and high season. That is why we have not included it in the filter on our website. There may be a restriction in the number of pets. Or that pets are not welcome in all accommodations or on the beach at the campsite. Therefore, always check the specific rules of the campsite upon arrival at the campsite.

Location of campsites in Norway ?

What many people don\\\\\\'t know: there are no fewer than 1.100 campsites in Norway! So ..plenty of choice. Many of these campsites are located by the sea, on a fjord or along a river. Large or very small. With breathtaking views. You can choose a campsite in the beautiful nature, peace and space or on the edge of a large town. Or you choose a campsite based on a specific wish, such as a campsite near the Jotunheimen or the Hardangervidda…. with endless walking possibilities. If you cannot find a solution yourself, please send us an email: info@moltravel.nl.