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Stugudal Camping Tydal

Campsite in beautiful surroundings near the Stuggusjoen (lake). Paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and winter sports enthusiasts. Near the Swedish border. Roros is an hour's drive away.

Stugudal Camping Tydal ligging

Stugudal Camping in Tydal in the Sor Trondelag region

Stugudal Camping is in a beautiful location near the town of Tydal, about 10km. distance from the Norwegian-Swedish border. If you want a different route from Oslo to Trondheim, take the "3" towards Alvdal / Tynset at Hamar and then the "26" towards Roros. The beautiful Tydal is then only an hour away. After your stay at Stugudal Camping, Trondheim is a 2-hour drive away. If you like hiking or mountain biking, then you should definitely stay a little longer because the surroundings of Tydal are very beautiful. You can also go fishing on the Stuggusjoen (lake). Boats can be rented at the campsite. Stugudal Camping is open all year round and the ski slope is only 5km. away from the camping. So also a great location in winter!

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