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Ferry to Norway

Do you want to take the ferry to Norway, are you unsure about which route you want to take and what costs there are, check this special “ferry to Norway” page.

Have you finally made the choice to go camping in Norway, but do you want to know whether you can travel directly from the Netherlands/Germany by ferry to Norway, whether you can travel better/cheaper via the bridges in Denmark or by ferry to Norway, what the crossing to Norway costs, which routes/crossings are recommended and from which ferries/shipping companies you can choose. We try to give you the best possible answer to all these questions.

Can I take the ferry directly from the Netherlands/Germany to Norway?

Not from the Netherlands, but from Germany you can travel from example from Kiel. To reach Norway you will have to sail either “the bridges route” through Denmark or by ferry from Kiel (Germany) or Hirtshals and Frederikshaven to Norway and Sweden.

Via the bridges in Denmark or by ferry to Norway?

Is it possible to travel to Norway via bridges WITHOUT taking a ferry? Yes, that's possible. This route runs via the island of Funen (Denmark) over the Great Belt Bridge (in total 18km. length !!) to the island of Zealand (towards Copenhagen), after which you can drive via the Oresund Bridge (bridge and tunnel in total 16km. length !!) via Malmo and Goteborg towards Norway. This route is almost 1500km. long (from Utrecht to Oslo) and the cost for a camper (> 6 meters) for both bridges is about € 160 one way. For current rates: https://storebaelt.dk/en/prices and www.oresundsbron.com/en/prices.

In addition, it is of course also personal. Some people do not want to be dependent on fixed departure times or suffer from seasickness. Then traveling to Norway via the bridges is a good option. My personal opinion is that traveling on a ferry is more relaxed. And it doesn't make much difference in cost.

Cost of crossing to Norway?

This question is of course difficult to answer. Because this depends on several factors. When do you book, when do you make the crossing, which crossing do you take, do you travel only by car, with a car + caravan or with a camper to Norway. But I would like to give you some tips. First of all: the earlier you book, the lower the price. Ferries/shipping companies such as Holland Norway Lines, Fjord Line, Color Line, Stena Line and DFDS start promoting offers early on. Usually in December prior to the year of the crossing. Opinions will always be divided on this, but our experience is that December is the best time to book a cheap crossing. An additional advantage is that you are also sure that you "can go with the boat". Some people prefer to book a crossing at the last minute, but in recent years I have regularly experienced campers being left behind at the port of departure. And then you have to be patient before the next ferry leaves.

Which routes/crossings are recommended?

By far the most popular and shortest route is from Hirtshals (Denmark) to Kristiansand (Norway). But the most beautiful route is perhaps the one from Kiel (Germany) to Oslo or from Frederikshaven (Denmark) to Oslo. On the last part of that crossing, you sail through the beautiful Oslofjord, where you can view both Norwegian and Swedish islands from up close. The crossing from Frederikshaven to Goteborg is also very popular. Of course it also depends on your further route/destination in Norway. So: what is useful to choose as a departure point in Norway. For example, on the way there you can choose the Hirtshals – Kristiansand crossing, then make a round trip through Norway and then sail back via Goteborg – Frederikshaven or Goteborg – Kiel.

Which ferry services/shipping companies are there?

Most crossings to and from Norway are provided by the shipping companies listed below. For the most current offers, click on SPECIAL OFFERS behind the relevant shipping company. For an overview of the routes, see the bottom of this page.

Via the above SPECIAL OFFERS - links, you immediately see the current prices and availability and you can also book the crossing directly. If you want an overview of all the options, click on the Direct Ferries logo (at the very bottom). You will then receive an overview of all shipping companies, routes, prices and offers.