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Whalesafari Andenes Vesteralen: 100% Whale Guarantee!

Whalesafari Andenes Vesteralen: 100% Whale Guarantee

Yes, you read that right. If you have booked a ticket for the whalesafari and the crew does not find any whales, you will get a new whalesafari for free. In addition, the boat trip can of course also be canceled or moved to another time due to bad weather. Therefore there is a chance of some delay and do not plan your trip too tightly, so that you can possibly go on the whalesafari the next day.

Museum, boat trip and exclusive souvenir shop

A whalesafari ticket can be booked at the Whalesafari office in Andenes (near the Andenes lighthouse), but also at Andenes Camping. This campsite is located before you enter Andenes on the left side of the road. A ticket gives access to the museum where you get a tour and participation in the boat trip to spot the whales. After checking in or after your return, you may be able to buy something nice in the souvenir shop or eat/drink something in the restaurant/cafe.

Boat trip with the M/S Reine or the M/S Moon Explorer

From departure to the moment you can see whales, it takes approximately 40 - 60 minutes. But of course the whales are always moving and it is also weather dependent. In any case, it is advisable to wear warm clothing. Along the way, the guides will keep you informed and, for example, will also draw your attention to Bleiksoya, the bird island where you will find a large puffin colony:

Sperm whales, killer whales, fin whales, pilot whales, white-sided dolphins and humpback whales

The type of whale that is spotted most often in both summer and winter is sperm whale. A sperm whale (adult) weighs between 35.000 and 57.000 kg and can reach between 11 - 16 meters in length. They eat around 900 kg of food a day, mostly squids, but also sharks and rays. In addition to sperm whales, you will see at Whalesafari Andenes on Vesteralen also regularly killer whales, fin whales, pilot whales, white-sided dolphins and humpback whales:

Prices and review

A ticket for an adult costs (2022) NOK 1.160. Lower prices apply to students and children. These prices include access to the museum, the boat trip, vegetable soup with bread on the way back and a certificate of participation. For more information, check: www.whalesafari.no.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) that has spezialised in publishing reviews of this type of tourism all over the world wrote "the world's largest, most succesful Arctic whale watching operation is Whalesafari AS in Andenes".

Camping in the surroundings of Andenes: