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Hoysand Camping Skjeberg

Campsite in a very beautiful location right on the Skjebergkilen fjord. Near the E6 and Swedish border. Good water sports. Nice beach within walking distance. Many cabins.

Hoysand Camping Skjeberg

Hoysand Camping in Skjeberg in the Viken (Ostfold) region

Hoysand Camping is located in the Fredrikstad - Sarpsborg - Halden triangle (near the Swedish border) directly on the Skjebergkilen fjord. A campsite with plenty of water sports options and a marina. The Oslofjord is easily accessible via the Skjebergkilen. In Skjeberg (just over 2.5km. away) you will find several stores including a supermarket. Hoysand Camping is a well-kept campsite with different types of cabins, a restaurant, a camping shop with - among other things - fresh bread in the morning, a grill place, mini golf, beach volleyball court and within walking distance of the campsite you will find a beautiful sandy beach. Hoysand Camping is near the exit of the E6, also a great location for a stop if you are in transit.

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