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PlusCamp Hauganfjaera Camping

Beautifully situated campsite on a peninsula directly on the Trondheimsfjord near the town of Frosta. Excellent sanitary facilities. Beautiful places right on the water.

PlusCamp Hauganfjaera Camping Kampeerplaatsen

PlusCamp Hauganfjaera Camping in Frosta in the Nord Trondelag region

PlusCamp Hauganfjaera Camping is in a wonderfully quiet spot on the Frosta peninsula. Far away from the crowds? Then take the exit to Frosta between Trondheim and Steinkjer and choose a nice spot on the water at PlusCamp Hauganfjaera Camping. If the visibility is good, you can see Trondheim across the fjord. The sanitary facilities at the campsite are very good. Nice big family bathrooms! A number of apartments can be rented at the campsite. Environment is perfect for cycling and walking trips. From the campsite you can take a beautiful bike ride (30 km) over Frosta.

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