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Mikkelparken Family park: a paradise for families with young children

The best aquapark and playground on the west coast of Norway you will find in Kinsarvik

Mikkelparken is located on the edge of the village of Kinsarvik. Nicely situated under steep mountain slopes directly on the Hardangerfjord. Roughly between Odda and Voss. Kinsarvik is a popular place. Not only because of the beautiful location, but also because Mikkelparken is located in Kinsarvik. This nice family park attracts in particular many families with small children to Kinsarvik. You can park for free at Mikkelparken and there are various charging points for electric cars.

Introducing: Mikkel and his friends

Mikkel is a charming cheerful fox from the forest. He is smart and loves shoes and apples. He eats at least 1 apple a day and thinks that makes him even smarter. Mikkel lives with his friends in the beautiful Mikkelpark. The group of friends of Mikkel consists of Mikkeline, Minken (the mink), Papegoyen (the parrot), Froken Ugle (Mrs Owl) and Solbjorn (the teddy bear). Do you want to know what they look like and what they do, then come quickly to Mikkelparken in Kinsarvik.

Tropefryd water park and boat trip

Tropefryd is a large water park with 3 swimming pools with tropical hot water, nice fun water sprinklers and water slides. Plenty of water fun! Mikkelparken also has various boats such as the Andetrobboats, crash boats and Mikkelbumpers for the little ones. The kids can sail in this themselves, but in the Jungle Cruise Dam you can also sail with radio-controlled boats. Really fun.

Indoor playground, climbing park, finding gold nuggets and driving in a car or train

There is soooo much to do at Mikkelparken. There is a mega large indoor playground (Skoskogen) where the kids can run, slide, climb, crawl and balance in mazes, there is a nice climbing park (Jungle Trail) with rope bridges, climbing nets and suspension bridges, the kids can (try) look for goldnuggets, drive small cars between lollipops and sweets or operate remote-controlled cars and if the kids are tired you can take a trip around the park with the Mikkeltoget train.

Mikkel’s Children's farm with fun animals & animation

In addition to all the waterfun and the various playgrounds, there is also a small children's farm at Mikkelparken with rabbits, chickens, roosters, goats and guinea pigs. Every day between 12.00 and 15.00 you can touch and grasp all these animals. Various shows are also performed at Mikkelparken. Here you can also meet Mikkel and his friends. People sing, jump, dance and enjoy themselves.

Entrance fees and information about Mikkelparken / campsites in and near Kinsarvik

For more information and prices, check the website www.mikkelparken.no. Tip: order your tickets online and receive a 5% discount. Birthday and between 2 and 12 years old? Then you can even enter for free. In and near Kinsarvik you will find some nice campsites: